The new guidance has been published and is in force from 24 April to 31 Jan 2021.

Changes to school admission appeals due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic

Pre-school provision

We have our Little Acorns @Axminster Primary on site, which provides childcare provision for children from the age of 2 years.

Entry into Reception

Parents will need to complete a Common Application form from the home Local Authority for admission to Primary School. For Devon residents, this is the D-CAF1, available from or by calling 0345 155 1019.

Entry to Secondary School

Children from Axminster Primary usually transfer to the The Axe Valley Academy, as we are a feeder school, although some children transfer to Colyton Grammar School or The Woodroffe School. We have very close links with The Axe Valley Academy and a full transition programme takes place during Year 6. Parents will need to complete a Common Application form from the local authority for transfer to Secondary School. For Devon residents, this is the D-CAF3, available from or by calling 0345 155 1019.  

Please see our Admissions Policies below for full details regarding admissions in year as well as the normal admissions times.

Contact details for individual schools:

The Woodroffe SchoolColyton Grammar SchoolAxe Valley Academy

In Year Admissions

If you are planning to move your child during the year then all applications must be made in line with Devon LA's In Year co-ordinated Admissions Scheme. Further information and application forms are available from the school or the Local Authority admissions team (0345 155 1019).

We welcome visits from prospective parents. Please contact the school office to arrange a convenient time.

The Governors will usually accept applications for children to join the school in-year up to the advertised admission limit for the Year Group for that Academic Year. The Devon Fair Access In-Year Protocol may be applied.

The Governors can change the advertised admission limits at any time to reflect changes in circumstances at the school.

All applications received on a particular day will be considered on the next school day. If there are more applications for a year group than there are spaces available, then the applications will be ranked in order of the oversubscription criteria in the Admissions Policy.

A waiting list will be kept by the Local Authority for each Year Group. Waiting lists will be kept in order of the oversubscription criteria in the admissions policy. Places on lists will not be prioritised according to how long a child's name has been on the list.

Admission Appeals

Link to Devon County Council Admissions Appeals Timetable

The Admissions Appeals Timetable 2022

National offer day is 19 April 2022. The deadline for lodging appeals is 23 May 2022 (appeals will be heard within 40 school days of this deadline).

Appeal hearings are scheduled throughout June/July. Appeals not received by the deadline may have to be heard in September.

Admissions Policies

The following amendments were made in August 2021 to the determined policy for 2022-23 to comply with the revised School Admissions Code 2021: priority for children adopted from state care outside England was added to oversubscription criterion 1; wording added to reflect that decisions on in-year admissions must be sent to a parent within 15 school days; provision added for Hard to Place children; advice added regarding applications for overseas children.

Devon County Council Admission Arrangements & Admissions Policies

2021 Admissions Policy

2022 Admissions Policy

2023 Admissions Policy