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Axminster Community Primary was rated Requires Improvemet at the last inspection in October 2017

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The school has the following strengths:

 Since the appointment of the head of school in March 2016, tangible improvements are evident in behaviour, the quality of teaching and work in pupils’ books.
 Leaders have a clear understanding of the school’s strengths and weaknesses.
 Pupils with additional needs and their parents receive effective care and support.
 All staff are ambitious for the school. Staff feel well supported. A passionate culture for further improvement exists.
 During the last academic year, pupils’ progress across the school in all subjects was rapid.
 Attainment is rising quickly.
 Leaders’ actions to improve phonics have been effective. Pupils in the Year 1 phonics check in 2017 reached the national average.

This is a school that requires improvement because:

Standards reached by pupils in reading, writing and mathematics by the time they leave Year 6 have been below the national average. This is a historical issue that the school are working hard to improve through quality first teaching leading to rapid progress. 
 Training for teachers has not equipped them with the subject knowledge necessary to meet the full requirements of the national curriculum. All subjects have curriculum lead and we aim to deliver a broad and balanced curriculum. 
 Teaching gives insufficient emphasis to boys’ handwriting, grammar, punctuation and spelling. The MAT invested in handwriting books to develop pride in their work - a strong emphasis is put on handwriting and SPAG (Spelling punctuation and Grammar). We moderate as a team, amongst the MAT and wider to evalate where we are strong and where we can improve. 
 Teachers’ expectations of what pupils can achieve have not been high enough. Lower attaining pupils are given work that is too easy. Differentiation (Matching work to the ability of children) is essential to ensure that children move on in their learning. We have regualr meetings with children and teachers to push children to achieve their potiential. 
 Pupils lack resilience to tackle unfamiliar challenges. In such situations they default to adults for support or to provide answers. Developing learners that are engaged and motivated is vital if they are to succeed - we actively plan for children to use key skills to enhance their ability to learn. 
 Subject leaders are developing their skills but have yet to have a full impact on improving pupils’ outcomes. Both, the Maths and English leaders are established teachers taking on these roles. Action plans are in place to improve areas that previously we had not been strong in. Reading is currently an area we are trying to build home school links so the children read at least three times per week.  
 Governors’ work to hold leaders to account has not been sufficiently rigorous. A new governing body is in place one that has a focus on the school development plan. 
 Planned activities do not stretch and challenge the most able pupils to reach the standards of which they are capable. We have gifted and able groups for English and Maths and this is monitored weekly to make sure the children are being pushed to achieve.  
 Assessment information gleaned from questioning by adults is not routinely used to further learning more rapidly during lessons. Questioning is a key aspect of assessment and one we have invested time and professional developmnment to improve. 
 Pupils’ attendance remains below average, especially for disadvantaged pupils. Attendance is a concern - we have an EWO (Education Welfare Officer) who works alongside the school to identify children of concern. There are weekly attendance assemblies and we promote coming into school. All children who have an attendance % less than 97% are monitored.  

Parent View

Parent View lets parents tell Ofsted what they think of the school:



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