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Academic Results

End of Key Stage 2 (Year 6 – aged 11): 2016-2018

In 2016 the government introduced new, more challenging tests for 11 year olds. These tests are taken by Year 6 pupils in May each year. Our children’s performance for each of the last three years.





RWM at Expected Standard




RWM at Greater Depth




Reading Expected Standard




Reading Average Scaled Score




Reading Greater Depth




Writing Expected Standard




Writing Greater Depth




Maths Expected Standard




Maths Average Scaled Score




Maths Greater Depth







  • RWM:    Reading + Writing + Maths
  • GPS:     Grammar, punctuation and spelling
  • Scaled score range: 80-120
  • Scaled score: 100 is the national standard; over 100 is above the national standard; below 100 is below the national standard
  • Expected standard: a government set target (an expectation) for pupil performance
  • Greater depth: performing at an enhanced standard: scaled score of 110 or above.


From where we were in 2016 the school has improved vastly - it is not the same school! Teaching is targeted at improving all children’s performance and we are firmly in the belief that we are a bottom up school - all our efforts are focused on ensuring that the children get the best possible start in school and we can identify and address any potential concerns early on

The performance of summer born children

In England, the term ‘summer born’ is used to refer to children born from 1 April to 31 August. Our pupil performance data reveals that all pupils at our school are performing at high standards by the time they leave us. I analyse the performance data of all pupils very carefully and keep detailed records of the performance of groups of pupils born at different times in the year. This data shows clearly and unequivocally all pupils perform well by the time pupils they leave our school, whether they are born in the autumn, the spring or the summer. Overall there is little difference between pupils born at different times of the year.

It is true that children born in the later months of June, July and August don’t do quite as well as children born in the other nine months of the year, but they still perform very well in comparison to pupils in other schools, both nationally and locally.

GPS: Grammar, punctuation and spelling

Writing is not assessed using scaled scores – that’s why figures are not presented here. We fully accept and appreciate that as far as our national school system is concerned the best date a child could be born on is probably 1st September and the hardest date to be born on is 31st August. But whatever happens at any other school we ensure that pupils born at all times of the calendar year do extremely well by the time they leave Axminster Community Primary Academy. . We know that it can sometimes take a little longer for the late summer born children to flourish. We are aware of this and make highly effective use of intervention support to address this issue.

Key Stage 1 (end of Year 2) SATs test results

All Year 2 pupils take national assessment in June. These national curriculum tests are summative. This means they test the knowledge a pupil has acquired during their time in Key Stage 1. All pupils are given a scaled score based on the raw score they achieved in each of the three tests they sat:

  • reading
  • mathematics
  • grammar, punctuation and spelling. The raw score is the total number of marks a pupil scored in a test, based on the number of questions they answered correctly. Raw scores are then converted to a scaled score. A scaled score of 100 represents the nationally expected standard on the test. Pupils scoring 100 or more will have met the expected standard on the test.
  • 85 is the lowest scaled score that can be awarded on an end of Key Stage 1 test. The highest scaled score is 115.
  • A scaled score of 100 or more represents the nationally expected standard in each test.
  • A pupil awarded a score of 99 or less has not met the expected standard in the test. Cohort average outcomes for the past three years are as follows:2018 – Cohort size: 21 






Year 1 (aged 6): phonics screening test

At the end of Year 1 pupils are tested on their ability to match sounds with letters. This assessment is known as the Phonics Screening Test. ‘Sounding out words’ using phonological awareness and understanding of sound-letter correspondence is a key early reading skill. Using phonology is not the only way children learn to read – they employ a range of other strategies – but being good at phonics is seen as a most important starting point. On this occasion every pupil passed the test, which had a pass mark of 32!


Thank you all for your support this year. Congratulations to all the year 6's we wish you well! Enjoy the holidays and keep safe!

Canoeing fun

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Magdalen Farm Forest School

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Acorn MAT supports local fallen hero's

15 Nov 2018

Chidren from Axminster Academy, Mrs E's and Chardstock all came together to lay tributes to the 68 men, from the parish of Axminster, who died in WW1. A wonderful service included readign fromthe chil...

Acorn MAT supports local fallen hero's

15 Nov 2018

Chidren from Axminster Academy, Mrs E's and Chardstock all came together to lay tributes to the 68 men, from the parish of Axminster, who died in WW1. A wonderful service included readign fromthe chil...

New lease of life for play area in North Street, Axminster

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14 children from Year 5 and 6 went canoeing on Wednesday 6th June to the Axe Vale Canoe Club in Axmouth. Everyone really enjoyed the day paddling up the estuary and River Axe beyond Axmouth and p...

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We have some new arrivals and Beech class are taking full advantage to use them as a model for descriptive sentences! 

World Book Day

09 Mar 2018

On Friday 9th March, the children (and staff) all came into school dressed as a character from their favourite book.  The costumes were amazing!  Thank you to all parents and carers who help...

Early Years Activities

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On Monday 26th June, Spruce and Rowan classes went to @Bristol Science Museum to support their learning of the science curriculum.  They had a fabulous day and were able to learn more about frict...

Sports Day

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Axe Vale Festival

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Tadpole update

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The tadpoles that Beech Class were studying last term have continued to thrive! 

Election Week

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Here at Axminster Community Primary Academy, a decision was made to change the names of our four team colours Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. With the general elections drawing closer, our school council...